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ERC mobile repair FAQS:

We have a number of FAQs, find your queries in them. If you still don’t get your question in these queries then feel free to give us a call or email us at support@ercells.com.

  • Tell us about ERC mobile repair?

Our representatives are well skilled and motivated people who are well aware of customer desires and needs. We select our representatives on the basis of experience and through a series of interviews, education and skills.

  • How can we contact you for repair?

For getting your phone repaired, kindly click on this link. Follow the instruction for the type of device you have, issues in your device and contact details. After that we will set a repair meeting with our representative according to your desired time and place.

  • I am a busy person and don’t have time to spare, would that be possible you can join me in my office?

Sure! We can easily do this as per your request. We can meet you at any place you want either gym, school, office, food court etc. Moreover, repair will be done in front of your eyes and it will hardly take 30-40 minutes.

  • What kind of benefits one can get on the usage of your services?

We are providing you services at your convenience. We are providing you phone repair in your presence which is completely different from the traditional way of phone repairing, in which you have to give your phone to the shop for 2-3 days that not only have the security of getting your device accurately repaired but also have the threat to the data stored in your phone. We are providing you repair in your affordable range and giving you a life time warranty, which is pretty amazing deal!

  • How much time you will take in getting my device fixed?

It is our priority to resolve your issue as quickly as possible but it depends on the complex of the issues, most screen repair will be done with 15-20 min.

  • I am able to setup an appointment, what next I have to do?

Rest assure, we will contact you and be there shortly.

  • Do I get a call from you on the appointment day?

Yes! Our technician will call you when he is on his way.

  • Do I get any kind of warranty on your services?

Yes! You will be glad to hear that all of our repaired parts and services are provided on the basis of life time warranty.

  • How do I have to pay for the services I get?

Our payment system is easy and secure, you pay right “after” the repair is done. We accept all type of credit and debit cards.